How To Start a Language Learning Habit

How To Start a Language Learning Habit

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I often get asked to summarize my entire method into two words. I get it asked in all sorts of ways but the basic question I get is “so what’s your secret to successful language learning?”.

I used to scoff at thinking an entire book’s worth of content, which took me years of research and optimization, could be summed up in just two words! But reflecting on this for quite some time now I’ve realized that if it could be summarized in two words, those two words would be:

Habit Formation

Now I know it may sound general and vague but it’s my single best advice to successful language learning. For me, that’s been the secret to learning several languages to fluency. No fancy gimmicks or empty promises, just solid habit formation while following an effective method.

So to communicate what it means exactly and how you can develop these habits to successfully learn the language(s) of your dreams, I’ve created a Habit Formation series that explores this concept in depth.

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  1. Ingredient 1: Cues
  2. Ingredient 2: Routines
  3. Ingredient 3: Rewards
  4. Bomb-proofing
  5. The Big Lapse
  6. Extra Push
  7. The 20 Second Rule
  8. Personal Motivation
  9. Personal Ability
  10. Social Motivation
  11. Coaches

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